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RCSO PROJECTS is specialized in deliver detailed design services focus on strong mechanical design knowledge, providing advanced solutions for product development in a wide range of different engineering concepts. Our concept of working has been proven over many different projects, like   we did with different customers and different
system we offered our customers the best system to put on the truck we did the calculations supported by dynamic analysis that the all equipment is not over weight and fitted to the truck and no damaged for shock & vibration for
off-road transportation all of that was done to optimize and to achieve effective solutions to comply with the military standards on complicated mechanically challenges in a specific time based on a very short time response.

We offer a complete engineering services end-to-end, from the design of the mechanical platform to provide the system itself up to the laboratory testing and off-road testing and to deliver the all system.

We answer to all of your requirements on projects and product development, providing the best possible quality and smart solutions.

The customer’s projects are controlled and managed in a full power by supporting with all of our available resources. Customers are always welcome to meet us and see in their eyes a wide range of capabilities we have on site the
truck with the platform and the complete system on it for live demonstration this capability allowing us to provide and comply with all of the projects aspects.

Our team is always on board to service our customers, as part of our work methodology, working close with our customers with professional teams with a full of synergy. Our work directive is tailored to the customer engineering demands, objectives and schedule and fully flexible to the requirements needs. 

What we deliver:



  • Quality service with high availability on time request.

  • Never to miss a deadline.

  • Past experience and knowledge on similar (similar to what?) mechanical challenges.

  • Optimal and effective solutions for difficult mechanical challenges for unexpected design problems [like what?].

  • Innovative and creative out of the box solutions.

  • Fast and good outcome.

Research & Development

  • Research and first study of the application

  • Extensive data gathering – system profiling

  • Spotting Design process framing

  • Conceptual Design brainstorming

  • Requirement evaluation – Mechanical design

  • Creation Close – customer proximity and

  • Conceptual industrial design

  • Functionality / feasibility / visual

  • Mock-up fabrication – Versatility is the
    key factor

  • Proof of Concept

  • Requirements definition

  • List of proofs to be made

  • Rapid process design

  • Design for proof of the concept production 

Proof Of Concept

  • Rapid fast prototyping

  • POC performance evaluation

  • Conclusions & implementation

  • General design

  • Concept finalization

  • Mechanical components definition

  • Control & electronics definition

  • Assembly process plan

  • Design validation

  • BOM & initial cost estimation

  • Detailed design

  • Prototype design optimization

  • Layout freeze

  • Checklist requirements

  • Parts design for prototype production

  • Stress / Strain calculations

  • FEA / CFD Analysis

Production & Scale

  • Control & electronics implementation

  • Finalize design- materials, finishes, tolerances

  • Prototype production assembly and

  • Full cooperation with manufacturing

  • Complex assembly abilities

  • Lab integration with electronics and

  • Customer site integration support

  • Testing support and prototype evaluation

  • Full scale production

  • Cost reduction

  • Design optimization

  • Vendor selection assistance

  • Design for mass production

  • Mass production file

  • Vendor compliance

  • Full documentation

  • Beta site product

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