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Store very sensitive and secure equipment in a secure place and to use the electronic system inside in a fighting or dangerous area or any other tough situation. RCSO Shelters can move quick and easy mounted on mobile land truck. In different sizes and specifications, you can find the perfect shelter for your need.

Rugged Mast


Fixed on a platform or inside the vehicle it allows quick assembly and disassembly for operation. The user can choose on a specific mast with very heavy top load and use more equipment on less area.

The antenna transmitters in a long distance, coverings more area than you want to receive information.

With different heights with heavy top loads, the masts can also be mounted on different vehicles and different shelters and can also have specific design, according to customer requirements.

Generator Sets


Full power autonomy for your complete operation time without the need to connect to fixed power station or to get power from other external sources. You can complete your operation without getting support from the surrounded or other people to support.

Supply electricity to the system full autonomy power supply. Go to any mission for weeks without the need to get power from external sources.

Platforms and Trailers 


RCSO SYSTEMS has been providing full system platform integration for rugged shelters generators sub frames and MAST specific for Land Mobile military applications.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

To be expert in this area we needed to put the attention on the small details that are key of having a successful product in the end.

We have a group of engineers that are experts in the field of our business .

Short production lead time and possibility to quickly support different custom system applications are what gives us advantage in this business.

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